Janine Horton
Masters in Homeopathy (University of Johannesburg)
Diploma in Therapeutic Reflexology (IARAMT)
Post Graduate Diploma in Homoeopathy (Allen College, UK)

I am a homeopath, reflexologist, wife and mom.   I love my career and helping people to reach their full potential by being healthy and full of energy.

My practice is based at home, which makes it a warm and friendly environment especially suited to babies and kids.  I love treating the young ones, but can treat the whole family – including pregnant or breast feeding moms.

In October 2016 I was fortunate enough to have my own child, my beautiful Kayleigh.  She has opened my eyes to the unique challenges that every mom and dad faces.  In today’s world it is difficult to maintain healthy kids without a little extra help from a professional that can guide you on safe, natural treatments – this is where I come in.

I also want to help moms to be healthy and vibrant so that they can look after their families.  I have seen good results with treating female hormonal conditions and if you have a problem such as PCOS, endometriosis, menopause, adrenal fatigue (‘burn out’), migraines, thyroid problems etc. – I would love to help you too.

I like to spend time with my patients to really get to know them and their unique needs.   I treat each patient in a unique way according to what that patient needs.   My goal is to improve every patient's health in the long term.

I am always studying and attending workshops to improve my knowledge and skills.  I recently completed a Post Graduate in Homoeopathy from the Allen College of Homoeopathy in the UK.   I also recently lived and worked in New Zealand for a year.  Here I was an active member of the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths and I also worked as a naturopath at Commonsense Organics in Wellington.

I am also a qualified therapeutic reflexologist. This is a wonderful therapy for stress management and also to balance the body – especially the hormones. As part of my studies, I did a research study on the effect of reflexology on migraine headaches and I found it to be of enormous benefit.  

Reflexology is a natural healing modality whereby pressure is applied to specific points on the feet - called reflexes.  It is based on the principle that all the organs of the body have corresponding reflexes on the feet.  By massaging and applying pressure in a specific way to the feet the whole body gets balanced.  Reflexology treatments are very relaxing and in fact, one of its main benefits is that it causes relaxation - which is essential to any healing process.

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