Homeopathy is a system of medicine that has been around for approximately 250 years.   It is based on the principle that 'like cures like' and it uses natural substances (plant, animal, mineral) in a dilute form to stimulate the body's natural healing ability.   Several studies on bacteria, plants, animals and humans have shown its effectiveness in treating a wide variety of illness.


It is a very safe and gentle therapy - safe enough for a new born baby - especially if applied by a qualified professional.  My training in South Africa was very similar to medical doctors and I therefore know when it is necessary to refer patients for conventional medical treatment and when homeopathy, herbal medicine or reflexology would be beneficial.

Homeopathy can treat physical, mental and emotional disorders.  It can be used to strengthen the immune system to treat and prevent infectious disease.  

In South Africa, homeopaths study for 5 to 6 years at a University.  Subjects include all the medical subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Microbiology, Diagnostics, Radiology etc.  This background has given me the knowledge and confidence to know what I can and cannot treat.  I don't hesitate to refer to other health care practitioners and doctors when necessary.  Having said that, natural medicine can offer benefit to a wide variety of ailments.  Thus, feel free to contact me to discuss your unique needs.



Reflexology is an ancient healing modality based on the observation that every organ in the body is represented on the feet by means of a 'reflex' i.e. a specific area on the foot which when massaged has an affect on an organ e.g. there are stomach, heart and lung reflex areas on the feet.

Reflexology treatments consists out of applying pressure to the reflexes of the feet and also massaging the feet.  Treatments are very relaxing and healing.  You can also expect a bit of a detox after reflexology.

Reflexology is a very valuable treatment for stress, insomnia, constipation and female hormonal conditions.




  • First consultation adult R800.  This consultation is about 90 minutes long in order to get your full medical history.  I will then either dispense the necessary remedies for you or may need a bit of time to 'work on your case' and create a treatment plan which will be emailed to you and remedies either couriered or you can pick them up.

  • Follow up consultations for adults R500 - these are approximately 30 minutes long.

  • First consultation babies and children (under 12) R600.  

  • Follow up consultation babies and children R400

  • Medicine is charged separately according to each patient's needs.


  • First consultation R500.  This is an hour long consultation including a full medical history, 45 minute treatment and recommendations.

  • Follow up consultation R350.  This is for a 30 minute reflexology treatment.



"I met Janine when I was about half way through my second pregnancy and had been experiencing severe migraine headaches 2 to 3 times each week. Being pregnant, there was a limit to what mainstream medications I could safely take and I was becoming thoroughly disheartened by the prospect of spending the remainder of my pregnancy in such a miserable state.

Janine was incredible, right from the get go. We had an initial consult which lasted at least an hour and a half, during which time she took a thorough history and did a check up.  To me, Janine came across as very friendly and calm -  certainly not like most professionals who see you as a number with a set of symptoms requiring a standard treatment. I felt completely at ease and all of my questions were answered and clearly explained.

What I liked the most was having the feeling that Janine took on board my problems in a more personal capacity. She prescribed a range of treatments for me to try, but I could tell that even after I had left, she continued to think of other options that might help me. I know that this was not just specific to me either as she treated my brother for a different condition and continued to work on his case long after he had left, even going so far as to provide necessary documentation for immigration when he went overseas and took his medications with him.


Janine followed up with me several times and made sure that we had found the correct remedy to give me a much easier pregnancy. When my daughter turned breech at around 38 weeks, Janine was immediately able to assist with a midwife-recommended remedy and I am glad to say that my daughter turned soon after taking it. Lastly, when I emailed Janine  at 3am, as a sleep-deprived and desperate mother, she came to the rescue with all sorts of ideas and suggestions to try and help my little one to sleep.


I am very grateful to Janine for all of her help, advice and continued support. She is definitely a kind professional who goes the extra mile for her patients and I would, and have, recommend her to anyone looking for a decent homeopath."

Kendal Bester

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